Wilson® 1005 NCAA® Leather Football

Top-quality Wilson® 1005 NCAA game football with superior grip and durability.


Get a ball that has a high-quality leather cover with thick, patented pebbled composite laces and lock-stitch construction. This ball features a tanned-in track and Grip Stripes™ for improved grip.

Tough, Long-Lasting Design

Sturdy ball has a strong, multi-layer lining and a multi-ply bladder. They make up Wilson's best air retention and moisture-control system, helping the ball keep its shape and true flight after long games and practice sessions. Based on the ultimate Wilson construction and the relatively low price point of this ball, it is a favorite of our customers for high-level practice and play for competitive teams.

Built for Performance

Everything about this ball has been built for better grip, which improves throwing and catching performance. The WE 899 leather has an exclusive deeper pebble design that provides for added grip around the entirety of the ball. The patented Accurate Control Laces™ laces offer 174% more grip than the usual football. Added Grip Stripes™ improve grip over the traditional painted stripes. These white stripes also help players better track the ball during its flight.

Official Play

The official-sized ball is meant for high-level play and performance. It has been approved by the NFHS and NCAA and is used by 290 NCAA programs. The NCAA has made this ball its official football.

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