Wilson® MG2 Mouth Guards

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Maximum protection against concussion, plus a great fit!

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Pop in a mouth guard to protect teeth and enhance player safety! Design absorbs tremendous energy from impacts. Strap cuts off easily. Boil 70 seconds for a custom fit. Color varies.

Great Protection

When delivering or receiving a hit on the football field, teeth can easily become chipped or even knocked out, causing the player pain and racking up big dental bills! Mouth guards protect teeth by acting as a spacer and shock absorber. When students bite down upon impact, the shock of a hit will be dissipated through the plastic mouth guard. On top of protecting teeth, it’ll help to lower the risk of concussion by negating shock energy.

Tailored Molding

Quickly fit the mold to your mouth for optimal protection! Using the strap, place a mouth guard in boiling water for 70 seconds, then remove and place it in your mouth, wrapping the bottom row of your teeth. Bite down for 10 seconds and release. The mouthpiece will now be a custom fit, all set for game play! Forming guards to your mouth helps to ensure comfort and optimize protective benefits.

Convenient Sizes

Choose from youth or adult sizes to best fit your player, no matter their age or skill level. Mouth guards with straps are also available, to quickly attach to a helmet to prevent them from falling on the ground or being misplaced on the sidelines.

Wilson® MG2 Mouth Guard Options

Wilson® MG2 Mouth Guards are available in 2 sizes, with or without a strap.

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    • Without Strap