Wilson® NFL Air Attack Composite Footballs

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NFL branded Wilson® Youth Football composite football with increased control and visibility.

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Add an official feel to your football games and practices with this double-laced ball for superior grip and extra durability. Two white performance stripes on the cover allow for greater visibility in the air. Its unique pattern was specifically designed for players 14 years and up. This is our most economical option for providing your players with a high-quality, real feel.

Durable Design

The composite cover is made of a high-quality, leather-like material for outstanding durability and feel.

Also featured in this ball is a Wilson advanced butyl rubber bladder that has been designed for maximum air retention. The combination of quality construction and low cost make it great for PE class, clubs and pickup games.

Great for Learning

A unique, composite cover makes it more player-friendly and provides less shock than a standard leather football. The tacky, pebbled design allows for easier catching, while the white laces and stripes help make the football easier to track while it's in the air. This lessens the fear that many younger players face when catching the ball. The easier a ball is to catch, the less players need to fear hurting themselves.

NFL Excitement

The NFL is far and away the most popular sports league in America, and this is the only ball we offer with the NFL marking. This adds some extra excitement into the classroom and helps gets students excited about the football unit.

Wilson® NFL Air Attack Composite Football Options

The Wilson® NFL Air Attack Composite Football is available individually in 3 sizes.

  • Junior
  • Youth
  • Official
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