Wilson® TD-Series Composite Footballs

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Rush down the field with a superior performing Wilson® TD-Series football that’s easy to grasp.

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Recreational and serious players alike will appreciate the comfortable feel and exceptional grip of this composite leather ball. Made with the same laces and exclusive cover pattern as the leather TD-Series, but this ball comes in at a more economic price.

Best Grip and Control

Aim for a tight spiral and easy handoff every time. High definition pebbling on the Piloflex SuperSkin cover gives students amazing grip and control of the ball. Patented Accurate Control Lacing™ increase grip by an astonishing 174% compared to other footballs. A slip-proof hold gives students ultimate control of the ball, making for better control during practice and official play.

Amazing Air Retention

This ball is ready for every Hail Mary Pass and rush down the field. Its multilayered lining helps maintain the ball’s shape through daily use. The tough lining protects a strong butyl bladder for extra durability and increased life. The TD-Series is ready for anything your class or team dishes out. The cover is also water-resistant and doesn’t allow water to seep inside the bladder.

Easy to Track

Never lose track of the ball mid-flight! Highly visible white laces and stripes help students easily track the ball as it flies toward the end zone.

Wilson® TD-Series Composite Football Options

Wilson® TD-Series Composite Footballs are available individually in 2 sizes.

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  • Official, NFHS
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