Wilson® TD-Series Leather Footballs

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Our most popular leather football in sizes for all ages.

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Ready, set, hike up the action with a ball that’s prepared for all levels of official play! With high-quality leather, an exclusive deep-pebbling pattern, and firmer texture, it’s easy to see why this football is a hit with students and teams.

Astonishing Grip

Promote success and lead students to victory with a premium full grain WE Leather™ cover. It features a tanned-in tacky feel to give the ball amazing grip. Patented Accurate Control Lacing™ also gives students more control of the ball, providing twice the grip compared to traditional laces. Made of pebbled composite leather, the laces are easy on the hands and comfortable to hold while in the pocket. Grip Stripes™ make the ball even more slip-proof and offer improved grip over painted stripes.

Trustworthy Durability

Lockstitch construction features independent stitches. It prevents entire seams from unraveling and promotes extreme and long-lasting durability. A 3-ply rubber butyl bladder offers superior air retention so you don’t have to worry about inflating the ball after each practice. A multilayered lining protects the bladder, keeping the shape consistent and increasing the life of the ball.

Perfect for Any Skill Level

From pickup games to tough rivalry high school matchups, TD-Series balls are ready for any age student of any skill level. Three sizes make sure your team is set up to play. The Junior size is a tough option for elementary students just learning to play. As students enter middle school and skills progress, step up to the Youth size. For high schoolers and more advanced play, the NFHS-approved Official size ball is ready for high level play.

Wilson® TD-Series Leather Football

Wilson® TD-Series Leather Footballs are available individually in 3 sizes.

  • Junior
  • Youth
  • Official, NFHS
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