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Wilson® NCAA® Composite Footballs
Performer™ Rubber Footballs
UltraPlay™ Rubber Footballs
Performer Plus™ Rubber Footballs
Gopher Comp 1000™ Composite Footballs
Fun Gripper® Footballs
Fun Gripper Football
Grip Zone™ V Footballs
Rainbow® SoftToss™ Foam Cover Footballs
Grip Zone™ Traditional Footballs
Gopher Victory 1000™ Synthetic Footballs
Wilson® NFL Air Attack Composite Footballs
Rainbow® SofTex™ Footballs
Rainbow® RecessReady™ Footballs
Wilson® TD-Series Composite Footballs
Wilson® GST Composite Footballs
Wilson® GST™ Leather Footballs
Rainbow® Cyclone™ Rubber Footballs
SoffPlay™ Footballs
Rainbow® TuffSport™ Footballs
Screamin' Colors Synthetic Footballs
Wilson® TD-Series Leather Footballs
SoftScore™ Plus Coated-Foam Footballs
Screamin' Synthetic Footballs
Gopher Comp 1000™ Plus Footballs
Deluscious™ Foam Football
Rawlings Edge Composite Footballs
Rainbow® SofTread™ Footballs
Rainbow® DuraBall™ Footballs
CharacterEd® Rubber Football Set
Biggie!™ Football
Instrux™ Rubber Footballs
SoftScore™ Coated-Foam Footballs
Supra Footballs

From introductory rubber to advanced leather, shop a superb assortment of footballs for sale at Gopher Sport!

Whether you need a football for kids or a durable option for varsity players, find the balls you need at Gopher.

Which football balls are right for me?

Material Types

  • Composite: A quality leather-like material at a good price. Great practice or game ball.
  • Leather: The best-handling material. Used in pro, college, and high school games.
  • Synthetic: A manufactured material that offers the enhanced grip and feel of a composite. Great for practice and PE instruction.
  • Rubber: Molded construction offers an extremely durable surface at a low cost. These youth footballs are great for PE and other demanding institutional usage.
  • Stitched Rubber: The durability of rubber with stitched panels for a game ball feel.


  • Official: High School and up
  • Youth: Middle School/Jr High
  • Junior: Elementary
  • Pee Wee: Early Elementary