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Golf Balls & Tees
Rainbow® Toss-N-Chip™ Target Nets
Rainbow® Phenom™ Golf Set
5-Station Putting Green Pack
Rainbow® Putting Packs and Sets
Golf Clubs

Golf Clubs

9-Hole Putting Green Pack
Turf Tee™ Golf Driving Mat
Dual Turf Golf Mat
BirdieBall® Set

BirdieBall® Set

Soft-Stix™ Golf Clubs
Rainbow® EnormaSport™ GIGANTIGolf™ Set
All-Turf Golf Driving Mat
Par'Putt™ Miniature Golf
Stand-Up Golf Bags
ClassPlus™ ClubKing™ Golf Pack
Giant Jr. Net

Giant Jr. Net

Pykamo Golf Set

Pykamo Golf Set

Mobile Mini Golf Course
Premium Driving Mat

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Browse Gopher Sport's golf equipment for sale and find the best options for your students!

Our selection of fun and instructional golfing supplies will outfit your students with the equipment they need to learn the game. Teach them golf fundamentals using carpeted putting greens, putting packs, and miniature golf sets that will make learning the sport fun for all.

For more serious players, you can teach them driving skills using durable golf clubs in convenient sets. Our club packs also contain enough drivers for the entire class. Premium driving mats and nets allow students to perfect their swing in more confined settings.

Purchase golfing supplies from Gopher that suit your students' needs!