BirdieBall® Set


Set up, teach, and play a 9-hole course in a confined space!

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With balls that feel and play just like real golf balls, with a maximum distance of 40 yards, it’s easy to teach students the fundamentals of a good swing and contact without wasting time retrieving longer drives. Balls will fly true to hit, allowing students to track hooks or slices with each approach. StrikePads can be thrown down anywhere for instant action, with convenient targets that offer 360-degree approachability.

Maximum Flight Range

Eliminate time spent picking up balls that have gone stray of the fairway or have overshot the target! These non-aerodynamic balls will quickly lose momentum as soon as they’re struck by the club, keeping them easily retrievable within a 40-yard radius. The hollow center of each ball also ensures the inertia of strong hits is quickly dissipated when it comes to practicing in more confined areas.

This won’t stop them from behaving exactly like a real golf ball, however! The flight path of BirdieBalls mimics that of a real ball, providing results that allow students to recognize common errors in their swing or stance by observing a slice or hook.

Quick Setup

The BirdieBall® Set provides quick setup to maximize the amount of time you have to teach students and the amount of time they have to learn and enjoy golf. Targets, flags, and StrikePads can quickly be thrown down virtually anywhere to provide start and end points for all sorts of golf-related practice exercises.

Use the StrikePads to help students aim and to provide an amiable surface to tee off from. Flags are easy to spot from any distance, giving students a clear indicator where they should be aiming and to what degree they should be swinging. Targets are also easy to toss down, providing full-circle access in either upright or “half-moon” capacities.

Complete 9-Hole Set

With 144 total BirdieBalls, 9 StrikePads, and 9 Targets/Flags, it’s easy to get the entire class working on their swing and accuracy all at once. Have students positioned at StrikePads with different distances from the target, all swinging to see who can get closest to the pin. Or, break the class into groups for accuracy testing, skills development, and even friendly competition. You can even create your own 9-hole golf course! Complete BirdieBall™ sets incorporate the entire class, indoors and out.