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Give your students an easy, inviting way to learn the game of golf. Comfortable, resilient clubs offer control and playability when teeing up or playing fairways, with a range of different club types to help students understand the basics of swinging for accuracy and distance.

Durable and Comfortable Design

Your students will get the most out of these Delta golf clubs as they learn the game of golf. The graphite shaft of each iron gives them a hefty feel when wielded and provides tremendous durability that benefits beginners as they learn to handle a club.

Each iron is designed with a cavity-backed construction, which enables them to swing forward with less resistance and more momentum, generating more powerful hits and a larger “sweet spot” for beginners. Rubber grips also serve to provide enhanced handling and will hold up to tremendous wear and tear over time without cracking or flaking apart.

A Range of Club Options

The ability to purchase these quality, durable golf club sets individually or in packs makes it easy to tailor your lessons to meet the demands of the students in your class.

Individual clubs give instructors the ability to pick and choose how to build their golf unit, with a myriad of different irons available, as well as wedge, wood, and driver options. Focus on chipping and pitching with the sand wedge and #9 iron clubs, practice fairway driving with the #3 wood and long irons, or choose clubs for every distance to perfect play from the tee box to the green.

Club sets make it easy to quickly give your students access to every type of club they might need while out on the links. Right- and left-handed options accommodate any and all students, while regular and junior-sized clubs make it possible to teach the game to any age group. Each set comes with a full set of wood irons, driver, and putter for complete play opportunities.

Golf Club Options

Golf Clubs are available in Left- or Right-Handed Sets or Packs or Individually.

  • 18-Club Class Packs. Includes six #3 woods, six #5 irons, and six #9 irons.
  • Right-Handed Clubs
  • Left-Handed Clubs
  • Club Sets. Includes 43”L driver, 2 woods (#1 and #3), 4 irons (#3, #5, #7, and #9), and putter.
  • Right-Handed Clubs
  • Left-Handed Clubs
  • Junior Golf Club Sets. Includes 39”L driver, 2 woods (#1 and #3), 4 irons (#3, #5, #7, and #9), and putter.
  • Right-Handed Clubs
  • Left-Handed Clubs
  • Individual Clubs
  • Driver, 43”L
  • #3 Wood, 42”L
  • #3 Iron, 39”L
  • #5 Iron, 38”L
  • #7 Iron, 37”L
  • #9 Iron, 36”L
  • Sand Wedge, 35-1/2”L
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