Mobile Mini Golf Course

The only mini golf course you can throw in a bag and take with you anywhere!


Design a new challenge each time you unpack this customizable mini golf set! Its superior versatility and adaptability allow it to be configured in an unlimited number of ways, both indoor and outdoor, on virtually any terrain. With materials enough for 9 holes and 13 “obstacles” for varying degrees of play, practicing putting will never get boring!

Build a Course Anywhere

No matter if you’re practicing indoors or out, in a large space or a confined area, this mobile mini golf course is going to meet the restrictions and demands of your space. Because you can tailor the length of the course and the design of each hole, it’s possible to set up an exciting putting practice wherever space permits.

Interior courses benefit from limited play areas, helping students to better gauge distance and stay on task as they move from hole to hole. Flat gym floors are also conducive to beginners because they provide a straightforward approach to each hole. Outdoor courses present the opportunity for massive mini golf games! Build in natural landscape features as obstacles and use multiple different surfaces for a unique challenge at every hole.

Scalable Difficulty

For those brand new to putting, it’s easy to create straightforward portable mini golf courses that put emphasis on the basics of stroke power and depth gauging. Younger players will love to see their ball drop in the hole at each station and will slowly build the confidence to attempt more daring putts.

As students progress their skills, holes can be moved further apart and obstacles can be added to the mix. Students will need to develop an understanding of good putting technique to triumph over obstacles, including bridges, mazes, volcanos, and waves, to name a few of the 13 different options included. Many obstacles also have cups built into them, adding even more of a challenge when it comes to getting that ace.

Durable Design

All of the components within these sets are made with durable plastic. Use them indoors or out with superior results and don’t worry about their ability to weather the environment they’re placed in.

Putters are also made with resilient metal shafts, adding heft and durability that are required for long term use in institutional settings.

Mobile Mini Golf Course Options

Mobile Mini Golf Courses are available with 2 putter sizes with an additional putting pieces set available separately.

Mobile Mini Golf Course

Includes 13 mini-golf pieces (9 holes, 4 obstacles), 12 Rainbow® putters, 2 instructor putters, 12 Rainbow® golf balls, 2 practice balls, scorecards, and storage bag.

  • 27”L Putters
  • 32”L Putters


  • Putting Pieces Set with Instructor Putter
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