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Rainbow® Phenom™ Golf Set


Phenomenal construction and phenomenal size make for a phenomenal beginner set!

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These golf sets for kids are lightweight, oversized, and non-intimidating!. Students will quickly learn the fundamentals of the game and can safely swing until their heart’s content as they make contact and observe the dynamics of the game. Rainbow® colors are exceptional for organizing classes and add a fun pop of color to the course!

Oversized Design

These oversized golf clubs for kids provide an advantage to beginners and add variety to the game for experienced players! Clubs are 27"L with a larger club face to increase contact with the 2" dia ball, which in turn promotes confidence in students!

A molded-in grip design on the handle of each club also promotes comfort and control when students are swinging, preventing grip issues that might otherwise arise on smoother shafts. Lightweight construction allows for coordination from the backswing to the follow-through for total swing control.

Great Durability

Thanks to a blow-molded construction, there are no seams or weak points in these clubs, making them optimal for institutional settings where heavy use is expected. Despite being inherently lightweight, they’re profoundly resistant to all types of abuse and will stand up to mishits, accidental contact with the ground or other clubs.

Vibrant Colors

Six Rainbow® colors make it easy to effectively break out your class into individuals or groups. Have the green group working on their accuracy, focus the red group on distance, or have the blue group work on hitting from different terrain, for example. Or, assign colors to various students and set up competitions or stations, to promote friendly competition amongst your new golfers. When it comes time to pack everything away, it’s easy to track cleanup by color and the student responsible for each hue.


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