Pykamo Golf Set

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The one-stop solution that makes teaching golf fun and easy at any age, anywhere!

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Teach golf just about anywhere, with equipment that’s non-intimidating and designed for institutional use by beginners. Clubs are uniquely designed to provide maximum loft and flight, helping beginners take an interest learning the game. Putters also familiarize students with a short game, along with flags that mimic real holes and pins. A convenient storage bag keeps everything together and easily stowed.

Play Anywhere

Teach golf without the links, a driving range, or even a fairway! These golf sets for schools are designed for both indoor and outdoor play, with equipment that’s conducive to any environment.

Tee-off plates allow students to tee up a drive or practice with their irons anywhere, with lines painted on to show the optimal swing path and impact zone for the ball. A molded-in tee also ensures the ball is always at perfect height.

Soft, foam balls are extremely non-intimidating for new players and are well-suited for indoor golf games for kids. Slightly larger than a traditional golf ball—measuring approximately 2-1/2” dia—the foam construction provides great play when struck by a club, while quickly shedding velocity to stay within a 30-yard radius. Their non-aerodynamic design makes them optimal for areas with limited space. Bright colors stand out against any surface.


Everything about this set is optimal for younger players, with 2 sets that are applicable to students above and below 13 years of age. What makes them special is the design of the clubs, which feature a 50-degree angled face that makes them ideal for making contact with the set’s larger balls. This angle has been extensively researched and determined to be optimal for teaching accuracy, proper tee-off approach, and swing alignment in new players.

The shaft of these clubs is also designed with beginners in mind. Geometric construction adds not only resilience, but also makes alignment easier and adjustments to a student’s swing more pronounced, so as to teach good skills. Clubs are also designed for both left- and right-handed golfers, to facilitate comfort for all.

Durable Design

Meant for institutional settings, the design of these clubs is extremely resilient in the face of use and abuse by beginners. Clubs are coated in a flexible elastomer to promote longevity and reduce the impact of incidental contact, making these some of the safest golf sets for kids. The grips of clubs are also treated to prevent peeling and flaking over time for additional return on investment.

Thanks to an included storage bag, this entire set can be self-contained for storage and transport, which lessens the potential for damage between lessons. Flags and cups quickly stack for storage, with clubs and tee-off plates nesting within the bag for instant cleanup.

Pykamo Golf Set Options

Pykamo Golf Sets are available in 12- and 25-player sets, with 2 age group options. Sets include teacher’s guide and storage bags.

12-Player Sets

Include 6 right-handed clubs, 2 left-handed clubs, 4 putters, 6 holes and flagsticks, 10 tees, 6 tee-off plates, 12 tee-off markers, 50 balls, 24 ball markers, 1 teacher’s guide, 1 ball bag, and 1 large carry-all bag.

  • Ages 5-12
  • Ages 13 & Up

25-Player Sets

Include 12 right-handed clubs, 4 left-handed clubs, 9 putters, 9 holes and flagsticks, 15 tees, 9 tee-off plates, 18 tee-off markers, 100 balls, 36 ball markers, 1 teacher’s guide, 2 ball bags, and 1 large carry-all bag.

  • Ages 5-12
  • Ages 13 & Up