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Rainbow® EnormaSport™ GIGANTIGolf™ Set

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Oversized golf set is double the size for double the fun!

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The friendliest way to introduce your students to putting, bright colors and oversized equipment makes it easy to learn the fundamentals of a good short game. Plastic construction makes lessons safe and simple, while the clubs themselves fit neatly into an included storage bag. Rainbow® colors make organizing your class quick and easy, to maximize play time.

Oversized Equipment

Nothing takes the fear out of learning a new sport like comically large equipment! The putters included in this set are enormous by comparison to a normal club, helping students get familiar with everything from lining up a shot to gauging their swing. A larger club face also means a larger impact area, which builds student confidence as they learn to putt from any distance.

Despite their large construction, balls and oversized putters will fit neatly into the included storage bag for quick transportation and inclusive storage.

Safe Construction

Plastic head construction is much more lightweight than traditional metal-faced clubs, lessening the risk of injury if clubs make contact with other students. It’s also tremendously hard to miss the vibrant colors in this set—even when students aren’t paying attention, they’ll see balls and clubs coming towards them and can avoid them without injury.

The grips of these clubs are just like a real club, lending control and comfort to students as they step up to the green for a put. This additional degree of control works to prevent mishitting that could send balls off course and into the lanes of other students lining up shots.

Vibrant Colors

Rainbow® colors are the perfect addition to any golf unit because they provide supreme organization opportunities for the entire class. Assign point values to different colored balls for friendly putting competition, or use different colored clubs and balls to designate different skills tested over varied distances and terrains. Assign colors to different students to help them keep track of their putts on a crowded green.

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