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Rainbow® Putting Packs and Sets

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Color-coordinated packs and sets with enough equipment for a whole class or group.

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Ideal for teaching the fundamentals of putting, the design of these sets puts emphasis on controlling stroke power and aiming accurately. Rainbow® colors make it easy to quickly set up skills tests and challenges, as well as assign colors to players or teams for class organization. The different putter lengths allow you to tailor this putting challenge to your class’ skill level and age group.

Teaches the Fundamentals

The design of the cups included in these packs and sets is one that encourages kids to find the sweet spot when it comes to aiming and stroke power. If students hit the ball too hard, it’ll roll up the dome of the cup and bounce over the hole; if they don’t use enough power, their ball will roll off to the side, unable to make it up the grade and into the hole. Only a perfectly positioned and ideally hit putt will have the ability to drop in for the ace.

Vibrant Colors

Everything about this set is colorful and vibrant, enticing younger students into picking up a club and trying their hand at putting. Assign a specific color to each student, along with the same colored ball and cup, and set them to work on practicing their putting skills. Or, put 2 colors against each other to see who can sink their putt first when taking turns!

Colors are also great for setting up class competitions and skills tests. Assign a point value to each ball color and see who can rack up the most, or position colors further and further from the person putting to see what the furthest putt they can make is! Color designations support a vast range of putting activities for kids.

Varying Putter Lengths

Each pack or set of Rainbow® Putters comes in one of 3 sizes—27”L, 32”L, or 35”L—to ensure your students have the ideal fit for their age. 27”L putters are perfect for elementary school students; 32”L putters measure ideally for middle school students or women; 35”L options are ideal for high school or men. Having the ideal club size means taking the right approach to perfecting your short game and developing good habits on the approach.

Rainbow® Putting Packs and Sets Options

Rainbow® Putting Packs and Sets are available in single sets and sets of 24, in 3 putter sizes.

24-Player Rainbow® Putting Packs

Include 24 Rainbow® putters, 18 Putt-O-Cups™, 24 Rainbow® golf balls, and a DuraBag™ Duffel.

  • 27”L Putting Pack
  • 32”L Putting Pack
  • 35”L Putting Pack

Rainbow® Putting Sets

Include 6 putters and 6 golf balls.

  • 27”L Putting Sets
  • 32”L Putting Sets
  • 35”L Putting Sets

Putt-O-Cups™ Set

Includes 6 Put-O-Cups™, 6 removable flags, and activity instructions.