Rainbow® Toss-N-Chip™ Target Nets

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Two sizes and Rainbow® colors open up a full spectrum of options for tossing games, station activities, and more!

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Help students perfect their approach to the green through pitching and chipping with these vibrantly-colored nets. Two sizes provide opportunities for experienced players, as well as new golfers, with the angles of both offering adjustability for scalable challenges. Durable construction makes them ideal for heavy outdoor use.

Extremely Versatile

There’s a nearly infinite number of game and practice options possible with these golf chipping nets thanks to their adjustability and color. Position them at different distance intervals to create unique point values for accuracy games, or play a Simon Says style game with students taking aim at a specific color to see who can hit it.

To add a challenging element to any game, adjust the angle of each net and watch students change their approach. Each new angle demands different loft, angle, and power, helping teachers to focus on engraining critical skills in their young golfers.

Two Sizes

With both 17” and 26” dia nets available, you can accommodate students of all ages and proficiencies in chipping practice. Use the larger 26” dia options to comfortably introduce new players to the concept of short approaches or to help advanced players practice lengthier shots. The 17” dia options are a great challenge for advanced players and can provide excitement in competitions and skills testing. Both nets swivel and adjust for maximum versatility.

Exceptional Durability

Designed with a metal construction and powder coated for additional durability, you won’t have to worry about these nets breaking down or losing their functionality. The powder coating protects against rusting and other weathering, to preserve both functionality and aesthetics over time.

Rubber feet protect your gym flooring when these nets are used inside, while also keeping the nets themselves stable.

Rainbow® Toss-N-Chip™ Target Net Options

Rainbow® Toss-N-Chip™ Target Nets are available in 2 color options and 2 sizes.

Rainbow® Sets

  • Rainbow® Set, 17” dia
  • Rainbow® Set, 26” dia

Individual Blue

  • Individual Blue, 17” dia
  • Individual Blue, 26” dia