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TumblePro Varia 2" Triple-Layer Custom Logo Cheer Mats

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Add your team or studio logo to our highest impact-absorbing gymnastics mats!

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Designed specifically for high-impact activities like cheerleading, gymnastics, and martial arts, our Varia™ foam mats feature a unique triple-layer design with 2 layers of our firmest foam over a soft urethane core for a unique combination of firm stability and forgiveness. Show off your school spirit by customizing the mat with your school or organization’s logo!

Numerous Customization Options

Align your equipment with your school spirit by emblazoning your logo right on these mats! This makes it easy for students to recognize your investment in school pride and instill this same spirit in them. For visitors to your facilities, logoed mats are a great way to showcase your dedication to quality equipment. For recreational facilities and clubs, branding mats can help bolster your brand and lend credence to your name.

In addition to custom logo opportunities, these mats are also available in a wide range of 17 different colors. Choose colors that complement your school or brand, in single or alternating panels. Colors again add cohesiveness to your facilities and offer an inviting prospect for users that exudes quality.

Mats come in 6 different sizes to best fit the activity space you’re working with. Choose 4' x 6', 4' x 8', 4’ x 10’, 5' x 10', 5’ x 12’, or 6' x 12' sizes—smaller mats are better for individual users and smaller spaces; larger sizes offer maximum coverage for bigger areas. Pick from Velcro® on 2 ends or Velcro® on all 4 sides to provide added versatility in joining mats into a long run, or combining them to cover large areas.

Please Specify Color(s) when ordering. Logo is limited to 1 color only (no color restriction). Choose solid or alternating 2' mat color panels from 17 color choices. Because these are custom-made mats, please confirm your colors before ordering.

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Institutional Durability

These mats are designed with heavy institutional use in mind, and exude features to stay reliable and strong over the long term. Smooth, nylon-reinforced 14 oz vinyl covers are flame-retardant, washable, and mildew-proof. Double-reinforced, nylon-stitched inside seams ensure durability, maximum safety, and longevity. Mats are 2” thick, offering semi-firmness and exceptional shock absorption, to prevent bottoming out even under consistent use.

Fold and stack mats in 2' sections for easy transport and storage, to help them maintain their durability and composure even when not in use.


  • Dual-Layer Foam Over Urethane Core
  • 2” thickness
  • High shock absorption
  • 4' x 6', 4' x 8', 4’ x 10’, 5' x 10', 5’ x 12’, or 6' x 12' sizes
  • Truck delivery on mats 5' x 10' or larger

TumblePro® Varia™ 2" Triple-Layer Custom Logo Cheer Mats Options

TumblePro® Varia™ 2" Triple-Layer Custom Logo Cheer Mats are available in 6 sizes, with 3 Velcro® options, in 17 colors. Specify color(s) when ordering.

  • Sizes
    • 4’ x 6’
    • 4’ x 8’
    • 4’ x 10’
    • 5’ x 10’
    • 5’ x 12’
    • 6’ x 12’
  • Velcro® Options
    • No Velcro®
    • Velcro® on 2 sides
    • Velcro® on 4 sides
  • Colors
    • Royal
    • Medium Blue
    • Light Blue
    • Navy
    • Purple
    • Red
    • Cardinal
    • Maroon
    • Gold
    • Orange
    • Yellow
    • Beige
    • White
    • Gray
    • Kelly Green
    • Forest Green
    • Black