AAI® Graphite Parallel Bars


Quick and easy adjustments using spin-lock mechanism on these parallel gymnastics bars.

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Parallel bars are a fundamental piece of gymnastics equipment and work to help students build strength and hone skills as they seek to advance to even more complicated routines. These bars are incredibly durable and reliable, giving students a sound introduction to a variety of great workouts. Scaled to accommodate younger beginners, they’re the right size for a non-intimidating introduction. 

Builds Muscle and Strength

The premise of parallel gymnastics bars is for students to support the weight and momentum of their bodies, while also learning to harness speed and form. This means a critical emphasis on building muscle strength in key areas: namely the upper body, back, arms, and core. Students will progress from simple hanging and swinging, to movement on the bars and even reversing direction, all the while building strength and focusing on momentum and coordination.

Scaled for Beginners

These bars are perfect for elementary and preschool gymnastics programs! Bars are scaled down versions of full size models—regulation size parallel bars are 11-1/2'L, whereas these are only 8' long. The smaller overall length of bars makes it easier for students to approach and less intimidating to acclimate to.

Thanks to a spin-lock mechanism, the heights and widths of bars can also be adjusted to accommodate students of all ages and sizes. Choose from widths of 14”, 16” or 18”, as well as heights of between 45”-77'”. Providing the right proportions based on each unique student helps to provide better opportunities for learning. And, thanks to the spin-lock mechanism, adjustments can be made in mere minutes!

Supreme Durability

A layer of blue powder coating on the bars resists chipping, fading, and regular wear and tear. Bars are made of graphite, which is supremely durable against the constant momentum and vibration that comes with supporting student weights. The base of these AAI® parallel bars features non-marking rubber floor contacts, to protect your floor from scratches and marks and prevent shifting and movement while in use.

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