AAI® Jr Swing Bar


Adjustable training aid for beginners.

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Scale down the swing bar and give your youngest students a chance to learn iconic gymnastics skills as they swing, twirl, and dismount. This kids gymnastics bar helps to build critical skills and develop upper-body strength that will translate over to other elements of a gymnastics routine. Superior construction means you’ll be training young gymnasts for years to come.

Great for Beginners

An official competition swing bar measures over 90”H, which is far from supportive when it comes to your beginner gymnasts. Instead, this scaled piece of equipment can be adjusted from heights of 34” to 54”H, ensuring your youngest athletes are able to properly utilize it for their practice and routines. Height adjusts quickly via a spin and snap locking system, which locks securely into place at the desired height to prevent shifting and movement.

More than just being accommodating to younger students, this bar is also safer than the official size. Students dropping from it won’t have such a great distance to fall as their feet hit the floor, and accidental hand placements won’t send students flying off dangerously. It supports students up to 75 lb.

Build Core Skills

This bar allows you to train and spot your students effectively for several types of hangs and swings. Each hanging or swinging exercise will help to build arm and shoulder strength, while also strengthening core and back muscles. As students swing and build momentum, different levels of exertion will become familiar to them, which means mastery over their entire body as they move into more complicated maneuvers and routines.

With strength and stability comes the ability to perform flips, twists, and other acrobatic maneuvers while swinging from the bar. Students will find confidence as they complete harder and harder routines, which will lend itself to mastery of other gymnastics proficiencies.

Durable Design

Introductory gymnastics equipment is destined to bear the brunt of heavy wear and tear, which is why this is constructed of 1'' dia steel tubing, welded directly to the pistons for extra stability. A wood laminate coating also covers the bar to make it softer on hands and give it the feel of an upper-level gymnastics bar. Not even consistent practice by dedicated athletes will be enough to wear this down.

The base and uprights of this bar are powder coated, which provides an extra layer of durability and protection, as well as a professional and attractive finish.

Landing Mat (optional) contains a foam core that consists of a polyethylene top layer over a softer polyurethane bottom layer. This friendly mat is constructed with an 18 oz vinyl cover and features a heat-sealed top to provide a uniformly seamless landing area.

AAI® Junior Swing Bar Options

AAI® Junior Swing Bar is available individually. Landing Mat sold separately. Truck delivery on Mat.

  • Swing Bar, 45 lb
  • Landing Mat, 72”L x 42”W, 22 lb