AAI® Junior Vaulting Board

For lightweight or beginning vaulters.


When younger students have a harder time springing from a regular springboard, this beginner spring board is the answer! Looser springs and a friendlier face make rebounding easier to execute and control. Carrying handles also make it easy to set up and position this board based on student needs.

Made for Beginners

Measuring 30”L x 20”W x 8-1/2”H, it is smaller than official sized equipment, allowing it to channel more power into launching your youngest gymnastics stars into the air for flips and twirls! This is the smallest board we carry and comes with an 85 lb weight limit, making it perfect for Levels 1 through 3 of gymnastics proficiency.

A shorter length also makes approaching and executing easier for beginners new to the concept of a springboard. Instead of trying to lead off on a full 47”L standard springboard, students need only deal with 30”L of surface area, which makes it easier to determine when the best jump can be made.

The face is great for beginners because it features a carpeted surface atop a ½” polyethylene foam layer. This surface is gentle on a gymnast’s feet and offers supportive cushion when springing.

Better Spring Activity

The tension of the spring coil has everything to do with the reactivity of the spring and the amount of pressure needed to create feedback. A flexible spring is easier to impress upon with force, which means a more rejuvenated reaction as students spring off of the board! With minimal pressure students will be able to catapult themselves high into the air, allowing them to concentrate on body movements, instead of worrying about hang time.

Easy to Transport

Four handles built into the wooden base of this AAI® spring board make it easy to transport, set up, and adjust based on the needs of your gymnastics group. Position the springboard in front of a swing bar for practicing a routine, then quickly move it to a pommel horse to work on vaulting skills. Easy maneuverability cuts down on time spent re-arranging your gymnastics circuit.

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