TumblePro 1-3/8" Polyethylene-Foam Custom Color Tumbling Mats

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Equip your tumbling gym with high-quality mats in the colors of your school or studio!

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Carry the team colors of your school or studio through in high-quality gymnastics tumbling mats! Customize in your choice of 17 different color choices (one solid color, or alternating panels) to build spirit or carry through a color theme. These ultra-shock-absorbent mats deliver the spring-back and energy return needed by older students performing high-impact gymnastics moves, with a highly stable surface that resists bottoming out.

Customizable Options

A full rainbow of 17 beautiful colors is available to you when selecting these mats, giving you the option to choose colors that match your school or brand colors. Colored mats instill a sense of pride and spirit in all those using them, and reminds them of your institution’s dedication to and investment in quality. Colors also serve to lend a professional, polished appeal to your PE program or recreational setting.

With 4' x 6', 4' x 8', 4’ x 10’, 5' x 10', 5’ x 12’, or 6' x 12' mat sizes available, picking the right size coverage for your activity area is made simple. Smaller mats are best for single users and more confined practice areas, while larger mats offer the best coverage for larger areas. To expand the total coverage of your mats, choose no Velcro®, Velcro® on 2 ends, or Velcro® on all 4 sides to easily create a variety of mat configurations.

Premium Support and Durability

All mats have smooth, nylon-reinforced 14 oz vinyl covers that are flame-retardant, washable, and mildew-proof. Double-reinforced nylon-stitched inside seams offer durability, maximum safety, and long life. The 1-3/8" thick closed-cell, cross-link polyethylene foam won't absorb water like other foams either, so it's ideal for indoor and limited (non-continuous) outdoor use.

These are our lightest mats per square foot, so they're easy to move and store. Folding mats collapse into convenient 2' sections. Stack them conveniently in equipment closets to promote organization and accessibility.


  • Layered Urethane and Polyethylene Foam
  • 1-3/8” thickness
  • High shock absorption
  • Recommended for advanced skill levels or older students grades 8-12
  • 4' x 6', 4' x 8', 4’ x 10’, 5' x 10', 5’ x 12’, or 6' x 12' sizes
  • Truck delivery on mats 5' x 10' or larger

TumblePro® 1-3/8" Polyethylene-Foam Custom Color Advanced Tumbling Mats Options

TumblePro® 1-3/8" Polyethylene-Foam Custom Color Advanced Tumbling Mats are available in 6 sizes, with 3 Velcro® options, in 17 colors. Specify color(s) when ordering.

  • Sizes
    • 4’ x 6’
    • 4’ x 8’
    • 4’ x 10’
    • 5’ x 10’
    • 5’ x 12’
    • 6’ x 12’
  • Velcro® Options
    • No Velcro®
    • Velcro® on 2 sides
    • Velcro® on 4 sides
  • Colors
    • Royal
    • Medium Blue
    • Light Blue
    • Navy
    • Purple
    • Red
    • Cardinal
    • Maroon
    • Gold
    • Orange
    • Yellow
    • Beige
    • White
    • Gray
    • Kelly Green
    • Forest Green
    • Black