Foam Cylinders

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Versatile tumbling aid helps beginning tumblers develop balance and coordination skills.

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Teach your beginner gymnastics students the fundamentals of tumbling in a way that’s non-intimidating and supports good form. Foam cylinders are an alternative to a tumbling training mat; they are lightweight and friendly to the touch, yet supportive enough for students to trust when mastering new skills. Three size options are perfect for students of varying ages.

Encourage New Skills

Bridges, back handsprings, and back walkovers can be an intimidating prospect for young students who may be branching out from general tumbling exercises! These foam cylinders provide a depth of stability and comfort as they learn the proper form and execution of more advanced gymnastics techniques. With the reassurance of the cylinder beneath them, budding gymnasts will have the ability to focus on their timing, strength, coordination, agility, and balance, to build confidence and mastery of more advanced moves.

More than just a mat for back walkovers and the like, these cylinders can also be repurposed for other activities as well. Stand them up to act as pylons for agility training or lay them in succession for jumping and rolling activities. They’re stable and useful enough to integrate into numerous PE units after gymnastics has passed.

Resilient Construction

Designed with 13 oz vinyl, lightweight strength and durability are the core tenants of these cylinders—they’ll stand up to use and abuse at an institutional level, without ripping or becoming deformed. Vinyl is also moisture resistant, meaning you can easily clean cylinders without worrying about soap or detergent soaking into them.

Three Sizes

Three diameter options—12”, 18”, and 24” dia—make choosing the appropriate size cylinder for your students easy. Younger students will benefit from smaller cylinders, while older students will demand the support of larger options. In addition to diameter size, the weight of each cylinder is also conducive to the activities they’re being used for. Utilize smaller 8 lb options for basic backbends or rely on heavier 25 lb options if you’re planning for a more versatile approach to using these cylinders as pylons and the like.

Foam Cylinder Options

Foam Cylinders are available in 3 sizes.

  • 12” dia x 24”L, 8 lb
  • 18” dia x 36”L, 12 lb
  • 24” dia x 48”L, 25 lb