A must for jumping and skill building.


Stack or position trapezoids for a great introduction to jumping and vaulting during your gymnastics unit! Individual bases stack atop each other for different heights and new challenges—make learning these skills as easy or as challenging as needed for your students. Trapezoids are supremely safe and durable. Two sizes make it easy to conform to student needs.

Great Versatility

Trapezoids are a natural solution to learning the basics of jumping and vaulting, which is a fundamental skill for varying levels of gymnastic proficiency. The stackable nature of these trapezoids also allows them to be tailored to each student’s level of comfort and capability—shorter stacks are great for vaults by younger students, while taller stacks challenge proficient students.

In addition to basic jumping and faulting, students can also utilize trapezoids as spotting platforms, plyometric boxes, and more. The leverage each segment provides can be utilized in conjunction with a wide range of other activities to add or alleviate challenges when skill building.

Supremely Safe

Each segment of these trapezoids is secured in place via a Velcro® strip, which prevents it from moving or shifting when force is exerted on the stack during jumping or vaulting exercises. A 1” section of thick foam also adorns the top of each trapezoid, making it hand-friendly and non-intimidating as students push off or vault over. However, the foam is strong enough for bracing, which enables more proficient students to balance and perform maneuvers easily.

Covered in a 20 oz vinyl cover, there’s minimal risk of slippage or sleekness involved, even when students’ hands are sweaty. Vinyl won’t absorb liquids and can be easily washed and maintained, which means less accumulated grime and a longer-lasting, safer texture for students to rely on.

Two Size Options

Available in Small and Large sizes, teachers can pick the option that’s right for their class’ age or proficiency level. Smaller trapezoids (36''L x 30''W x 48''H) feature 3 sections, with each section being 12'' tall. This allows for heights of 12'', 24'', or 36'' for exercises. Larger trapezoids (48''L x 36''W x 48''H) include 4 sections, each again 12'' tall. This enables setups of 12'', 24'', 36'', or 48'' tall.

Trapezoid Options

Trapezoids are available in 2 sizes. Truck delivery available.

  • Small, 60 lb
  • Large, 120 lb
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