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Ice Hockey Goals

Ice Hockey Goals

Mylec Pro Style Mini Steel Hockey Goal
Bownet Ice/Roller Hockey Goal
Mylec Sharp Shooter Hockey Goal Targets
Mylec MK1 ABS Jr Sticks
Mylec Flo One Piece Composite Hockey Sticks
Mylec ABS Multi Lam Senior Hockey Sticks
Mylec MK3 Goalie Stick
Mylec® Helmet with Mask
Mylec Helmets

Mylec Helmets

Ice Hockey Pucks

Ice Hockey Pucks

Mylec Ultra Pro Hockey Training Mat
Hockey Tape

Hockey Tape

Mylec MK5 Hockey Gloves
Mylec 590 Players Hockey Gloves
Mylec All-Purpose Equipment Bag
Aluminum Hockey Clipboard
Ice Rink Scraper

Ice Rink Scraper

Ice Rink Squeegee
Ice Rink Snow Shovel
Ice Rink Snow Pusher

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Shop for ice hockey equipment from Gopher Sport for PE or team use!

Explore Gopher’s variety of hockey goals, helmets, sticks, gloves, and more. A great selection of equipment gives teachers and coaches the ability to cater lessons to beginners and advanced players with ease.

Purchase sticks and pucks individually or in packs and get your class ready for practice! All equipment is made for institutional use on icy surfaces.

Keep hands and faces protected without restricting movement using comfortable and reliable protective gear such as helmets and gloves.

Purchase durable hockey gear from Gopher!