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Gopher Whip Aluminum Lacrosse Sets
Soft-Stix Lacrosse Stick
Gopher Whip ABS Lacrosse Sets
Whip Lacrosse Pack
Gopher ReLAX Lacrosse Sets
QwikPro Lacrosse Pop-Up Goals
STXball Lacrosse Set
FiddleSTX Lacrosse Pack
STX Stallion 200 Lacrosse Set
STX Stallion 50 Set
ClassPlus 24-Player Lacrosse Packs
Warrior 4 Mini Evo Lacrosse Set
Gopher Performer Mini Lacrosse Goal
Gopher GripWhip Aluminum Lacrosse Sets
Official Lacrosse Goal
Practice Lacrosse Balls
STX Bucket Ball Bag
Gopher Introductory Lacrosse Pack
EnormaSport Colossal Lacrosse Set
LaScoop Lacrosse Set
ReLAX Scooter Lacrosse Set
Protective Goggles
Super-Stix Lacrosse Set
Warrior Mako Jr Lacrosse Set
Magnus Lacrosse Cart
GARED Lacrosse Goal Nets
STX Stallion 50 Lacrosse Protective Equipment
Official Box Lacrosse Goal
STX Stallion 100 Helmet
STX Stallion 650 Lacrosse Helmet
STX Fortress 100 Women's Lacrosse Set
Shoot n Scoop Lacrosse Trainer
STX Lacrosse Folding Goal
STX Lacrosse Coach's Clipboards
STX Lacrosse Practice Goal
STX Sidewinder Lacrosse Backpack

Buy sturdy lacrosse training equipment from Gopher Sport for PE classes and teams!

Whether you need youth lacrosse equipment for PE classes or gear for high school games, find the equipment your team or class needs at Gopher.

Shop for lacrosse sticks in a variety of materials and colors, durable balls for indoor and outdoor play, and goals that are easy to set up on any surface. Buy them individually or in convenient packs to organize games quickly during PE.

Keep players safe with an assortment of protective goggles, helmets, and pads. Increase efficiency during practice with training aids including rebounders, goal targets, and goals made specifically for training.

Purchase lacrosse equipment from Gopher!