GripWhip™ Lacrosse Sets

The same great features as our other Whip™ sticks, with a rubber handle to offer the best grip!

Sporting the best lacrosse stick grip and an easy-to-control offset head, sticks boast the construction of top-tier equipment, at a price point that’s ideal for Physical Education programs. Lightweight and durable, they’re optimal for beginner play. Choose from 12- or 24-player sets, with individual sticks and balls also available.

Advanced Stick Design

GripWhip™ Lacrosse sticks offer all the benefits of upper level sticks, yet come in at an affordable price point that makes them a superior choice for PE and recreational programs. Aluminum shaft features high-end looking graphics for an appealing aesthetic that’s also lightweight, maneuverable, and more rigid than ABS plastic. Sticks offer players a specialized grip on the bottom 25% of the shaft to provide comfort and control throughout all phases of the game. Grip is textured, so it won't slip out of sweaty hands. Heads are comprised of nylon mesh netting similar to other high end sticks, providing a more realistic feel.

Great for Beginners

Sticks come in red or blue, allowing younger players to instantly recognize their team to work on their teamwork and group communication skills. 36"L is perfect for beginners, but also appropriate for all ages, helping to bridge the gap between new players and eventual proficiency of the sport.

Great for beginners, each stick has an offset head angle that makes carrying and catching easier. These skills are even easier to practice and master on this stick because it has a deeper pocket to aid in skill development. The head shape of this stick is also wider than more advanced sticks, making catches easier


  • Aluminum shaft
  • Nylon mesh net
  • Wide plastic head
  • 36”L sticks
  • Textured rubber handle for optimum grip/control

GripWhip™ Lacrosse Set Options

GripWhip™ Lacrosse Sets are available in sets. Individual sticks and balls also available.

  • 12-Player Set. Includes 12 sticks (6 red, 6 blue) and 12 rubber balls.
  • 24-Player Set. Includes 24 sticks (12 red, 12 blue), 24 rubber balls, and a storage bag.
  • Individual Sticks and Balls
    • Individual Sticks/Balls
    • Red Stick w/ Ball
    • Blue Stick w/ Ball


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