Official Lacrosse Goal

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Full-size goal meets all NCAA and NFHS requirements for men's lacrosse.

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Prepare your lacrosse field for official, high-level play with these full-sized goals. Made with a rust-proof, 2” OD galvanized steel tubing and a heavy duty mesh net, this official lacrosse goal is guaranteed to last for years to come, even after usage in many games.

Official Play

At 6’W x 6’H x 7’D, this is an official-sized lacrosse goal, meeting requirements for men’s lacrosse set by the NCAA and NFSHSA. Its powder coated orange color is the official color used by those organizations, and provides high visibility for players running around the field.

Sturdy Construction

Because this goal is used in official play, it needs to be sturdy. Being the heaviest (65 lb) goal we offer goes a long way toward keeping it in place, and it is helped even further by having 3 ground anchors for each goal. This ensures the goal stays put throughout the course of the game.

Each goal is made of steel, coated in rust-proof zinc, and then powder coated orange for a combination of striking appearance and outstanding durability. A mitered corner is created by joining two pieces of tubing together to make a perfect 90-degree angle turn. After the corners are welded together, they provide exceptional strength to the goal.

During assembly, the top cross bar contains the turns, which then slide into the upright posts. Usually goals are assembled at the corners with a joint, but not these. As a result, they are significantly stronger.

Finally, a net rail prevents additional wear and tear on the net, because it connects to the rear of the goal. This means the net won’t wrap around or cover the front of goal, and the rear brace will stay flat along the ground to eliminate any obstruction to the ball. Goal is 6’W x 6’H x 7’D; 65 lb.

Official Lacrosse Goal Options

Official Lacrosse Goal is available in 2 sets. Net sold separately.

  • Goal w/ with Net
  • 2 Goals w/ with Nets
  • Net Only