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Gopher ReLAX Lacrosse Sets

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Relax! Flexible heads and lightweight aluminum shafts make playing lacrosse easier, safer, and more fun!

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With the safety of a flexible head and the strength and feel of a lightweight aluminum shaft, these 40”L lacrosse sticks are built to last through countless rigorous games. They add a tremendous value for games in PE class or recreational use.

Designed to Last

These beginner lacrosse sets feature aluminum shafts that are not just lightweight, but also resistant to corrosion. As a result, these sticks can be used outdoors in the elements repeatedly without fear of rust buildup.

The soft head flexes when it makes contact with the ground, providing a more forgiving feel and preventing the stick from breaking. Though contact is not allowed in lacrosse, it does occasionally happen by accident, and having these soft stick heads serves to prevent injuries while keeping the sticks themselves in good condition, game after game.

Develop Skills

Learning the basics of lacrosse early on is key to later success, and these sticks help young players to get started with the right passing and catching technique from the get-go. An oversized head means catches are easier to make, as there is more surface area to hit. Each stick also has a strap across the front, which helps to hold the ball inside the head when caught. This helps teach students proper stick handling and ball control techniques early on. Mastering these types of skills ultimately provides them with more scoring opportunities.

Perfect for Beginners

A 40”L stick is an appropriate size for youth players, as it is the middle-of-the-line of stick lengths. All ages can successfully handle and maneuver this stick as they play and train.

Schools can use the larger sets of these sticks to provide 2 colors for easy team recognition. Younger kids will increase their understanding of how to work together as a team when they can easily pick out who their teammates are.

Gopher ReLAX™ Lacrosse Set Options

Gopher ReLAX™ Lacrosse Sets are available in 2 quantities. Individual Sticks/Balls sold separately.

  • 12-Player Set. Includes 12 sticks (6 red, 6 blue) and 12 rubber balls.
  • 24-Player Set. Includes 24 sticks (12 red, 12 blue), 24 rubber balls, and a storage bag.
  • Individual Sticks/Balls
    • Red with ball
    • Blue with ball
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