STX® Fortress™ 100 Women's Lacrosse Set

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Designed for women's play, with forward cant profile for improved ball retention and accelerated shooting.

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Female lacrosse teams can benefit from this equipment, which has been specifically designed to help women find greater success during play. Shorter sticks and a great strength-to-weight ratio make these sets a fantastic option for any women’s lacrosse team. This is the only women’s lacrosse stick we offer specifically designed for advanced women’s play!

Designed for Women

Women’s and men’s lacrosse sticks differ in several ways. First, men’s sticks tend to be slightly longer than these sticks, which measure 42”L. This length is comfortable for most women, allowing them to put more torque behind the ball for faster and longer shots and passes.

Men’s sticks also usually have deeper pocks, made to help carry balls over a longer distance. Women’s sticks, on the other hand, have a tighter net that is better served for passing and moving the ball.

High-Quality Design

One unique element of the stick’s design is the side pocket profile, which allows for easier catching. In more advanced sticks, such as this one, players learn they have to “give” with the ball when catching it, as trying to catch with a rigid stick will simply lead to the ball bouncing out. This side pocket profile enhances a player’s ability to accomplish that, especially when they’ve already mastered the basics of catching.

Each stick features a printed-on design, which gives it a more polished look while also providing some extra texture for a better grip.

The sticks are made of a lightweight aluminum, which provides them with more maneuverability. Despite the light weight of these sticks, they still pack in quite a bit of strength. 12-Player Set includes 12 sticks and 12 balls.

STX® Fortress™ 100 Women's Lacrosse Set Options

STX® Fortress™ 100 Women's is available in a Set w/ balls or Individually.

  • 12-Player Set
  • Individual Stick
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