STX Fortress 100 Women's Lacrosse Set

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Wide pocket design is great for beginner defenders!

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This stick is specifically designed to help women find greater success during lacrosse play. Shorter sticks and a great strength-to-weight ratio make them a fantastic option for any women’s lacrosse team.

High-Quality Design

In more advanced sticks like this one, players learn they have to “give” with the ball when catching it. Otherwise, the ball will simply bounce off the rigid stick. Wide pockets enhance a player's ability to accomplish this and allow for easier catching.

The 42"L sticks are made of lightweight aluminum shaft and a wide plastic head for improved maneuverability. A printed-on design gives the shaft a polished look and provides extra texture for better grip. Durable nylon mesh net. Stick color may vary.

Available in a 12-Player Set or as an Individual Stick. 12-Player Set includes 12 sticks and 12 balls.

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