STX® Stallion™ 50 Set

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Beginner stick is 38"L for easier ball handling, improved control, and early success.

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Designed to help younger players develop the fundamentals of lacrosse, this lightweight aluminum shaft features a wide molded-plastic head composed of softer material for a more forgiving response. Its shorter shaft also features a slightly smaller handle, so younger players have a better hold and easier time maneuvering the stick.

Made for Beginners

With a diameter of only 7/8” (compared to the standard 1” of most sticks) and length of 38”, this youth lacrosse stick is shorter and thinner for easier handling, which makes it a great option for younger students or students who have smaller hands.

Beginners also have an easier time catching and controlling the ball thanks to the soft, flexible plastic head that provides a more forgiving response. Soft mesh stringing inside the head helps to cradle the ball and prevent it from popping out unexpectedly. An offset design features a head that drops down at the throat, allowing the ball to sit lower in the pocket, which also helps with carrying. This head is narrower than beginner all-plastic sticks, but wider than upper levels so players can still develop their skills without frustration.

Aluminum Construction

Aluminum shafts provide a variety of benefits. First, it is lightweight, which is great for younger players, as they will be able to control and maneuver the stick more easily. This will help them progress quicker with the most important lacrosse skills. Second, it maintains its strength and durability throughout many games, which makes it an extremely economical option for schools, teams, or any other institutional settings where multiple players share equipment.

12-Player Set includes 12 sticks and 12 balls.

STX® Stallion™ 50 Set Options

STX® Stallion™ 50 is available in a Set w/ balls or Individually.

  • 12-Player Set
  • Individual Stick
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