STXball™ Lacrosse Set

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The original recreational lacrosse set, with a removable keeper strap for instant catching success.

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Help students improve their catching with this outstanding recreational lacrosse set that features a removable keeper strap, our only stick with this feature. The included lightweight, aluminum STX sticks are made of a no-mar plastic and feature wide-shaped heads for easier catching.

Assistance for Beginners

Beginners will be able to progress their catching skills quickly thanks to the removable keeper strap, which connects to plastic hooks on each side of the head. The strap holds the ball in the pocket, making it easier for students to catch and control the ball. Once students have improved their ball skills, they can take off the keeper strap to continue improving their skills to an advanced level.

Catching is also made easier thanks to the design of the stick head itself. It extends straight out from the shaft and has a large throat for easy catching and carrying, and gives defenders a greater chance of deflecting a pass.

Included is a Flexi Ball, which is colored bright orange for easy visibility, allowing students to better track the ball as it flies through the air. Sticks are available in green and yellow, which will help younger students to quickly identify who their teammates are and coordinate plays on the fly.

High-Quality Construction

Aluminum shafts are lightweight and maneuverable, which is especially important for younger and smaller players who are just learning the skills needed to be successful in the game. Despite their light weight, durability is not sacrificed. They include a powder-coated white finish that provides an appealing shine while protecting the stick, making it less likely to chip and scratch. As a result, the stick has a longer overall life. The stick head is made of a soft, flexible plastic, which prevents potential injuries should players run into each other.

Additionally, the Flexi Balls are made of a hollow, soft vinyl plastic. This design gives the ball just enough weight to fly accurately, while still being light enough to prevent injury upon impact. Other, more advanced balls meant for experienced players are heavier and usually come in the color white.

STXball™ Lacrosse Set Options

STXball™ Lacrosse Sets are available in a 12-player set. Sticks/Balls sold separately.

  • 12-Player Set. Includes 12 sticks (6 yellow, 6 green), 6 softball-size orange rubber STXballs™, and list of rules..
  • Individual Sticks/Balls
    • Yellow Stick
    • Green Stick
    • STXball™ Ball
    • Keeper Straps

*Sticks are to be used with STXballs™ only

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