Super-Stix™ Lacrosse Set

The thickest ABS shaft we offer makes sticks stronger and more durable than others!


A larger and more durable option, younger students just learning the game will get a feel for how to handle and maneuver their equipment thanks to this oversized lacrosse stick. It’ll stand up to institutional wear by beginners, including the mistakes that may damage lesser equipment. Choose from Sets of 12 sticks for the whole class, or individual units for smaller groups.

Oversized Features

Sporting a shaft that’s nearly double the thickness of a standard lacrosse stick, holding and gripping is easier and more comfortable for younger students. Measuring 36”L, it offers a shorter overall length, but is more lightweight and easier to control, despite a larger head size.

This stick offers the same head design as our ReLAX™ Lacrosse Stick, which is flexible and easier to master thanks to a wider size. It’s ideal for learning the basics of scooping, catching, and throwing. A keeper strap increases ease of use and builds confidence in younger players.

Extreme Durability

Our most durable oversized lacrosse stick, this unit is ready for the rough and tumble of beginner use and abuse. Its 2" dia extremely durable hex shaft is constructed of ABS plastic and features an endcap for additional comfort and grip. Flexible head design also supports high-intensity use and will bend without breaking as students scoop up balls and field errant shots.

Numerous Options

A set of 12 is ideal for getting your entire class involved and excited about learning lacrosse, and features equal numbers of red and blue sticks to create balanced teams. Sets also come with a rubber ball, so everything you need to get started is at your disposal.

Red and blue oversized lacrosse sticks are also available, to add additional players to a set or to equip individual students for drills and practices. Sticks measure 36”L.

Super-Stix™ Lacrosse Set Options

Super-Stix™ Lacrosse Sets are available in sets or individually in 2 colors.

  • 12-Player Set. Includes 12 sticks and 12 rubber balls.
  • Individual Sticks
    • Red
    • Blue
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