Warrior Mako Jr Lacrosse Set

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Large open-face head with stiff sidewalls delivers exceptional control and durability for beginners.

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Beginner lacrosse sticks provide new players with greater control over the ball during a lacrosse game but also handle the pressure of advanced games. Approved for high school play, this 41”L stick features an aluminum shaft, wide plastic head, and nylon mesh net.

Beginner Friendly

Beginners can find greater success thanks to the user-friendly design of these sticks. Their flat scoop design makes picking up balls incredibly easy, which is important for gaining possession of the ball.

Each stick also features Warrior’s patented TruOffset design, which features a low sidewall in the stick head below the centerline of the shaft. This creates a lower pocket, allowing for better control and greater velocity. Learning skills such as catching, throwing, and ball control becomes easier thanks to this design. At 41”L, this is one of our longer sticks, perfect for beginners at all levels. 12-Player Set includes 12 sticks and 12 balls.

Durable Design

Aluminum shafts are known for being both lightweight and strong. Graphs along the shaft provide an advanced grip and prevent it from getting slick in wet conditions.

The pocket features a nylon Ultra Mesh that quickly breaks in and maintains its shape for many years of play. Other, softer meshes become saturated in rain and then do not perform as well, but this mesh maintains its shape even in inclement weather.

Warrior® Torch™ Lacrosse Set Options

Warrior® Torch™ Lacrosse Sets is available in a Set w/ balls or Individually. Colors may vary.

  • 12-Player Set
  • Individual Stick
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