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Gopher Whip ABS Lacrosse Sets

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Our thickest, most durable ABS lacrosse stick is stronger and lasts longer than other ABS sticks!

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Outfit your entire class with safe, non-intimidating lacrosse gear designed with beginners in mind. Smaller 30”L lacrosse sticks for kids provide more maneuverability and control, with a non-intimidating ABS shaft that will last for countless games. These are the only 30”L sticks we sell individually.

Great Introductory Option

30” sticks are perfect for introducing lacrosse to beginners. A shorter length means shorter and safer passes, as the thrower isn’t able to get as much torque on the ball. While this stick is narrower than other introductory sticks, it is still wide enough to be forgiving and easier to play with than upper level sticks.

The heads of the sticks are designed for greater gameplay success as well. An angled head promotes easier scooping, which helps students more easily take possession of the ball and carry it as they run.

Long-Lasting Durability

ABS-plastic shafts provide extra durability to lacrosse sticks. The ABS on these particular sticks is thicker than standard ABS, which helps them to stand up to rough play and institutional use. A tough, reinforced plastic head is flexible and will not get stress marks when contact is made. Nylon netting is securely attached, weaved, and knotted so it will resist fraying and unwinding, all while providing the stick with a higher-level look.

Great for Teachers

Packs come with sticks in red and blue, allowing teachers to easily split their classes up into 2 teams. Students will appreciate being able to easily identify their teammates as they coordinate plays up and down the field. The included storage bag in the 24-player set makes cleaning up after games a breeze.

Whip™ ABS Lacrosse Set Options

Whip™ ABS Lacrosse Sets are available in 2 quantities. Individual Sticks/Balls sold separately.

  • 12-Player Set. Includes 12 sticks (6 red, 6 blue) and 12 rubber balls.
  • 24-Player Set. Includes 24 sticks (12 red, 12 blue), 24 rubber balls, and a storage bag.
  • Individual Sticks/Balls
    • Red with ball
    • Blue with ball


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