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Whip™ Lacrosse Pack

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The best and complete lacrosse stick pack for introductory and recreational play! 

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Get an upper level experience and realistic feel with lacrosse sets at a great price! Our Whip™ Lacrosse Sticks are our most advanced, introductory sticks featuring an offset head, nylon weaved basket, and your choice of aluminum or ABS shafts. Complete 14-player game packs are perfect for scrimmage games at schools or teams for youth programs. 

Color-Coded Convenience

All-in-one, convenient packs help quickly organize games. Color-coded stick heads help to easily recognize who it is on the red team and blue team. This eliminates the needs for pinnies or extra team identifying gear.

Top-Notch Construction

Our top-notch, all-in-one packs feature our most advanced lacrosse sticks, available in two shaft options.

  • Aluminum shafts are rust and corrosion resistant and provide a great strength to weight ratio. So, even though they are very lightweight, they are extremely durable. At 30”L, the aluminum shaft Whip™ is a great option for younger and shorter players.
  • The 40”L ABS shafts are ideal for elementary and older students. They are more flexible and forgiving on contact. Yet, their durability prevents cracking on impact, making them last game after game.

All sticks feature a flexible plastic head that is narrower than other beginner sticks, making them a perfection transition between lower- and upper-level sticks. The slightly offset head has a deep pocket, which makes catching the ball easier. This leads to more success while learning basic skills like catching, cradling, throwing, and scooping.

Time-Saving Equipment

Packs include a set of 2 of our Gopher Performer Mini™ Goals. About half the size of an official goal, Performer Mini™ is great for younger players who would have difficulty defending a full-size goal, making them more successful. Made of sturdy PVC, each goal easily breaks down when the action ends. A weighted base keeps the goal in place and ready for fast-paced, aggressive play. 14 entry-level rubber balls match the quantity of sticks included and stand up to routine use.

Whip™ Lacrosse Pack Options

Whip™ Lacrosse Packs are available in 2 sticks choices in sets of 14.

Both packs include:


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