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PaddlePro™ Paddles

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Two Great Styles

Two durable and long-lasting options that are designed at 2 skill levels give you a great choice for whatever skill level your class is at. The Pro comes with a 7-ply wood constructed head cushion grip and safety wrist strap,  as well as a slightly larger head size, allowing it to be long lasting and safe for beginnings. The Pro Plus is designed for intermediate players and features a straight performance handle, compared to the tapered handle on the pro.


  • Both paddles feature a 7-ply wood construction. There are 7 layers of wood glued together, with the grains rotated to crisscross, reducing the likelihood of the wood splitting. This also helps to reduce expansion and shrinkage, providing improved dimensional stability and making strength consistent across all directions. As a result, the energy of the shot is not absorbed by the paddle, but instead put back into the shot for more power and accuracy.
  • Both of these paddles feature a wrist strap that allows these racquets to be hooked on to the player’s wrist, so the chance of the racquet flying off the player’s hand during play and becoming a dangerous projectile is decreased.
  • The PaddlePro Paddle comes in at 8”W and 15-3/4”H, and the Plus Paddle comes in at 7-3/8”W and 15-1/2”H. The Pro has an oversized head, great for beginning players as it gives them more striking area on the paddle for more chance of ball contact. The smaller-headed Pro Plus is for more advanced students as it provides better speed and power. Both fit official pickleball regulations.
  • Both paddles feature a handle wrap that is made out of a leather-like synthetic material. These grips allow for more player control over their paddles, increasing accuracy and power.

PaddlePro™ Paddle Options

PaddlePro™ Paddles are available in 2 sets.

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