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Perfect for playing pickleball, these paddles feature tough 7-ply construction for increased strength and longevity, with a cushion-wrap handle for comfort and wrist strap for safety. A wrist strap prevents paddles from becoming projectiles during play. A synthetic leather handle wrap allows for more player control, accuracy, and power.

Choose the PaddlePro™ Paddle with tapered handle for beginning or intermediate play, or the PaddlePro™ Plus Paddle with straight handle for advanced play. The Pro has an oversized head for better hit accuracy while the Pro Plus paddle surges with speed and power.

The PaddlePro Paddle comes in at 8”W and 15-3/4”H, and the Plus Paddle comes in at 7-3/8”W and 15-1/2”H. Both fit official pickleball regulations. Available individually and in Class Sets of 24.