Pickle-Ball® Paddles

Durable pickleball paddles that fit all user levels!


Choose the right paddle based on the age and level of play of your students! Four options allow you to customize your unit in seconds. 

Four Choices

  • Swinger is a beginner paddle that features a strong five-ply wood construction with a wrapped handle and wrist strap. As a result, this paddle is safe and durable for students in an institutional setting. Its grip is a thin, black synthetic leather-like grip, allowing the paddle to be easy to control in wet or dry playing conditions and for better accuracy. It measures 15-3/4” x 8” and weighs 11-1/2-12 oz.
  • Diller is designed for durability and for students at intermediate skill levels. It features a seven-ply hardwood construction head, allowing the paddle to be strong and durable for everyday use in institutional settings. A wrist strap keeps all students and players safe. It measures 15” x 7-1/4”, making it the smallest pickleball paddle we offer. It weighs 10-11 oz.
  • Master is designed for long-lasting durability, as it features a seven-ply hardwood head. It is meant for more advanced players and students, as its head is narrower with a longer reach. The handle is tapered for increased racquet control, making this the best wood pickleball paddle we offer. It measures 15.24” x 7-1/2” and weighs 12-1/2 oz.
  • Champion is an advanced graphite paddle that features an oversized hitting surface and a composite honeycomb core, allowing this racquet to generate power and shot control. This makes the Champion our most advanced and highest-performing paddle we offer, great for all players and skill levels. Its Performance Grip synthetic grip allows students to more easily clutch the paddle. It measures 15-3/4” x 8.24” and has a grip circumference of 4-1/4”, making it the largest of our paddles. It also weighs in at approximately 7 oz., making it remarkably light.

Pickle-Ball® Paddle Options

Pickle-Ball® Paddles come in the following 4 models in 2 quantities.

  • Model
  • Swinger
  • Diller
  • Master
  • Champion
  • Quantity
  • Individual
  • Set of 24
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