Rainbow® PowerPaddle™ Set

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Break-resistant paddles give students extra power during play!

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Durable, break-resistant paddles have a waffle “string” pattern for better control. Complete sets are available and include paddles and balls, but paddles are also available in Rainbow® sets of 6 or individually.

No Breaks, No Problem!

This pickleball paddle set is built to withstand heavy use by multiple PE classes throughout the day. Its durable plastic design in a one-piece mold allows it to resist breakage and makes it a great option for any institutional setting. A waffle head and durable, rigid plastic make this the most powerful plastic paddle we offer.


  • The waffle pattern on the hitting surface makes the racquet easier and faster to swing, as there is less wind resistance. It also gives students more control over their shots.
  • Racquets are available in Rainbow® colored sets, which can provide excellent organizational possibilities. A yellow group could work on serving, while an orange group could work on backhand shots. The sets are also available in red and blue, allowing you to easily color code your teams.
  • A textured handle provides an official look and better grip for all students to improve control over shots.
  • The racquet measures 14”L x 7”W x 1/2” thick and weighs in at 7-1/2 oz, making it extremely light and easy to swing.
  • The complete sets of 24 feature 24 balls as well, ensuring you have enough equipment for the entire class to practice or play. The balls also come in Rainbow® colored sets, and have a smooth texture and circular design for true bounce and flight.

Rainbow® PowerPaddle™ Set Options

Rainbow® PowerPaddle™ Sets are available in Complete Sets of 24 or Individually in 2 colors, or in a Rainbow® Set of 6.

  • Complete Sets
  • Rainbow® Set
  • Red/Blue Set
  • Rainbow® Set
  • Individual Paddles
  • Blue
  • Red
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