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Rainbow® Protect-R™ Paddle

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Foam edge keeps paddles – and students – protected!

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Protect your students and equipment with these paddles, which feature a polyurethane foam edge. This gives extra protection and safer play to the paddles and students. A waffle “string” pattern creates better control over shots.

Protective Edge

A one-piece plastic head makes this paddle extremely durable and resistant to breakage, while giving it the stiffness players need to hit faster, more powerful shots. The entire edge of the head is lined with a polyurethane foam material, which protects the paddle when it’s hit against other objects. It also keeps students safe in the event they are hit by the paddle as well.

Waffle Head Design

This paddle’s waffle head design not only makes it easier to swing, but also provides more power by reducing wind resistance. The texture provides students with more control over where they’re able to place the ball during gameplay.


  • This pickleball paddle set comes in Rainbow® colors, either in sets of 6 or 24 with balls. These colors don’t just add a lot of fun to game play—they’re also great for class organization! Assign students skills to practice and change them on the fly. Blue players can work with a partner on drop shots, while yellow players work on forehand shots.
  • A textured handle adds an official look while improving the performance and accuracy. Players will be able to keep a much tighter grip throughout gameplay.
  • The paddle measures 16-1/4”L x 8-1/4”W x 3/4” thick.
  • A complete set of 24 comes with 24 balls as well, allowing you to fully equip your whole class.

Rainbow® Protect-R™ Paddle Options

Rainbow® Protect-R™ Paddles are available in 2 sets.

  • Rainbow® Set of 6
  • Complete Set of 24


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