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PaddlePro™ Portable Net System
ClassPlus™ PaddlePro™ Pickleball Packs
Pickleball Net

Pickleball Net

Pickle-Ball® Tennis Net Adjuster
Pickle-Ball® Outdoor Pickle-ball Net
Bownet PickleBall Net
PaddlePro Recreational Pickleball Net
PaddlePro Competition Pickleball Net
PaddlePro Club Pickleball Net
Bison® Official Pickleball System
Pickleball In-ground Posts
Bison® Official Portable Pickleball System

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Buy pickleball nets for classes and team sports from Gopher Sport!

When it comes to finding the best nets for pickleball, whether for educational or recreational use, Gopher as you covered!

For PE classes, we have convenient options that easily attach to your existing standards for quick setup, indoors or out. All-in-one systems include everything you need to set up a quick anywhere you need it. We also offer portable and official, in-floor systems to suit the needs of your athletic program.

Purchase the best net for your PE class or tournament game from Gopher!