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Pickle-Ball® Rally Meister Pickleball Paddle
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Pickle-Ball® Elite Power Pickleball Paddle
Pickle-Ball Rally Tyro 2 Composite Pickleball Paddle
RapidRally Paddle Game Set
Pickle-Ball® Neoprene Pickleball Paddle Cover 2.0
Pickle-Ball® Game on Duffle Bag
Onix Phantom Graphite Pickleball Paddle
Pickle-Ball® Champion Graphite X Pickleball Paddle
Pickle-Ball® Elite Finesse Pickleball Paddle
Onix Phantom Composite Pickleball Paddle
Onix Recruit 3.0 Pickleball Paddle
Onix Z5 Composite Pickleball Paddle
Onix Stryker Graphite Pickleball Paddle
Onix Stryker Composite Pickleball Paddle

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Shop for outstanding pickleball paddles from Gopher Sport!

Teachers, coaches, and rec program organizers can buy the best pickleball paddles designed for daily use at any level of play from Gopher. 

Wood pickleball paddles are made with several layers of wood for extra durability. They feature wrapped handles with tacky grips, giving players control and comfort. Composite and graphite paddles stand up to routine use for all ages with lightweight designs that are easy to maneuver. Our convenient paddle sets outfit an entire PE class and are useful when teaching the basics of pickleball to a large group. 

Select the best paddles for speed, control, and ability level from Gopher!