Dunlop® Hyper Lite Ti Racquet

A great smash racquet for introducing the sport of squash!


Designed specifically for the fast-paced, high-intensity sport of squash, trust this racquet to provide rugged durability and superior performance with every swing. Constructed to feel comfortable in the hands of a beginner and resilient enough for institutional play, it’s a great bet for PE programs.

Perfect for Learning Squash

Unlike racquetball racquets that cap out at 22”L, these Dunlop® squash racquets are designed specifically for the game of squash and measure at a precise 27”L standard. This targeted design helps beginners practice with equipment that’s specific to squash, leading to familiarity with its unique play style and game specifics. This racquet is designed for students ages 12 and up.

A 77-1/2 sq in midsized head, complete with a nylon Powermax String Pattern, makes it easier to hit balls during a squash match, putting more power and accuracy behind them. The head is also longer, meaning a more playable string bed that offers better elasticity and more power as balls are struck. Mishits are minimized as well, leading to better hits by beginners that keep them engaged and excited about the game.

In addition, the synthetic handle grip provides stability throughout the entirety of a swing to promote better control and confidence in beginner squash players. It’s moisture resistant so even when hands get sweaty, students have a secure grip. Cushioning material creates an ergonomic feel the entire game.

Institutional Durability

Titanium-alloy stands up heartily to the fast-paced play of squash, along with many of the mistakes that beginners commonly make when learning the game. These Dunlop® squash racquets won’t dent or warp when dropped or skimmed off of the floor, allowing them to maintain their rigidity and strength at all times.

Weighing 5-1/2 oz, this squash racquet is actually classified as a heavy racquet, meaning it offers a certain amount of heft that protects it from institutional abuse. This weight also allows energy to be better dissipated after hits, meaning fewer vibrations that may cause students to lose control of or drop their racquet.


  • Titanium-Alloy Frame
  • Midsized Head
  • Split-Beam Shaft
  • Synthetic Grip
  • Nylon Strings
  • 27”L, 5-1/2 oz/195 g
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