Gopher Oversized Aluminum/Titanium Racquetball Racquet

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Large, wide-body head with a huge sweet spot.

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To help acclimate students with the nuances of hitting for power and/or accuracy, the oversized head of these beginner racquetball racquets is ideal. Trust strong construction and an easy handling design to help students grow their skills and raise their confidence as they learn the game of racquetball.

Enormous Sweet Spot

Thanks to an oversized, wide-body head, connecting with shots is made easier as students face off in a fast-paced game of racquetball. The wider face has a larger reach that enables students to connect on quick adjustments and better place their shots with the confidence that they’ll connect with the racquet. As they become acclimated with the game, shot placement skills will improve and players will begin to understand how the ball reacts with different areas of the large racquet face.

With the extended size of the racquet comes a much larger sweet spot! Longer strings and a more reactive string bed mean shots landing within this area are going to be sent back with more power, speed, and accuracy. 23 mm head beams also make for a “trampoline effect” as on-target shots are returned, meaning less power in the swing is required to put more zip on the ball! Students will quickly learn where they need to be placing their shots, instilling better handling techniques and more refined approach fundamentals as they grow their skills.

Rugged Design

Comprised of both aluminum and titanium, there’s no beating the durability of these racquetball racquets! They’re ready to take the abuse that’s inevitable in institutional learning situations, and will retain their integrity no matter what level of play they’re involved in. Minimal flex in the construction of these materials also lends itself to better rigidity overall, meaning strength and stability for players.

Trust the synthetic grip of these racquets to also support longevity in institutional settings. Students will be better able to grip and control their racquets, which means fewer instances of incidental contact with the floor or other racquets. Better control also means fewer mistakes that might compromise the integrity of the racquet as it helps beginners year after year.

Choose from 2 string options—nylon or coated-steel—to provide your players with the support they need as they learn the game. Nylon strings will offer great playability and lend themselves to accuracy without losing tension over time, while coated-steel strings offer unparalleled longevity for situations of extreme institutional wear. A nylon bumper protects the head and the string bed against accidents.


  • Aluminum-Titanium Frame
  • Oversized, Wide-Body Head
  • O-Beam Construction
  • Synthetic Grip
  • Nylon or Coated-Steel Strings
  • 22”L

Gopher Oversized Aluminum/Titanium Racquetball Racquet Options

Gopher Oversized Aluminum/Titanium Racquetball Racquets are available in 2 string materials.

  • Nylon Strings, 7.3 oz/210 g
  • Coated-Steel Strings, 8.0 oz/229 g