Penn® Racquetball Variety Can

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Four great racquetball balls for every skill level means giving your players exactly what they need to succeed!

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Give your students the perfect ball based on their skill level and activity—this variety pack of Penn® racquetballs offers you 4 great options to keep the action going. Each pack includes the classic Penn® Ballistic 2.0, easy-tracking Pro Penn® HD, and tournament-quality Pro Penn®, with Ultra-Blue balls sold separately.

Four Great Ball Options

Each ball features a unique color, allowing you to choose the best ball for your situation and court. Penn® Ballistic balls are red, Pro Penn® HD balls are navy blue, Pro Penn® balls are green, and Penn® Ultra-Blue balls are, of course, blue.

  • Penn® Ballistic 2.0 balls are the fastest Penn® ball on the market today, created for the most intense racquetball matches among seasoned players! Their resilience makes them ideal for outdoor matches, where they exhibit explosive speed, tremendous durability, and maximum visibility.
  • Pro Penn® HD balls are the official choice for the Men's Pro Tour, as well as the official ball of the U.S. Open Racquetball Championships! Penn® high-performance engineers joined forces with the top professional players in the world to develop the ultimate racquetball, offering superior visibility, lighter weight, and a softer feel for more accurate play.
  • Pro Penn® balls are the official ball of both USA Racquetball and the International Racquetball Federation, making them the most widely used ball in U.S. and international tournament play. The bright green color has great on-court visibility and offers consistent speed, playability, and durability, making these balls a premier choice for players worldwide.
  • Penn® Ultra-Blue balls (sold separately) are the world's #1 selling racquetballs and have cultivated a reputation as the balls that set the standard by which all other racquetballs are measured. Players choose Penn Ultra-Blue racquetballs for their long, lively, consistent play at a great value.

With 4 superior options, players of all calibers will be able to practice and play with balls that are best-fitting for their play style and skill level.


  • Includes the classic Penn® Ballistic 2.0, easy-tracking Pro Penn® HD, and tournament-quality Pro Penn®.
  • Can includes 12 balls (3 of each kind)