Penn® Racquetballs

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Classic balls that deliver consistent bounce, game after game.

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The gold (or blue) standard by which all other racquetballs are measured, Penn® Ultra-Blue balls are known for being the perfect marriage of consistency, playability, longevity, and performance. These balls are great for any caliber player and offer unparalleled results, no matter the match.

The Very Best Balls

It gets no better than Penn® Ultra-Blue racquetball balls. An industry staple that’s unparalleled in performance and playability, you can always count on these balls to provide you with lively, consistent play, hit after hit, bounce after bounce. From beginners just learning the fundamentals of hitting, to professional players who deal in powerful, accurate strokes, quality remains the same across the board when Penn® Ultra-Blue balls are on the court.

In addition to their great reactivity and inherently superior performance, Penn® Ultra-Blue balls are also incredibly easy to see on any court, indoors or out. Great visibility means better tracking, which leads to more accurate hits, better player adjustments, and quicker play.

Two Quantity Options

Hit the court with a can of 3 balls if you’re coaching experienced players. Students can go back and forth with 1 ball while 2 more wait in the wings in the event of a mishit or errant swing, without having to take a break to go and retrieve the original ball.

For larger classes, group hitting activities, or skills testing challenges, a case of 108 balls is ideal. It’s easy to supply your entire class with enough balls to keep them on-task and engaged, without worrying about running out or having to shag strays, which can interrupt instruction or play time.

Penn® Racquetball Options

Penn® Racquetballs are available in 2 quantities.

  • Can of 3
  • Case of 108