Wilson® Splat Aluminum Alloy Racquet


Longer nylon strings for increased power.

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Give students the ability to put power behind their shots, while still maintaining control over shot placement. These Wilson® racquetball racquets deliver a balanced attack that will help students take their game to the next level! This is the best racquetball racquet we offer, ideal for players of all calibers.

Incredible Power

The Wilson® Splat Aluminum Alloy Racquet harnesses a unique design feature called the V-Matrix, to provide students with crushing power in every shot. The V-Matrix combines a teardrop-shaped frame with longer, nylon filament strings, to create tremendous power for shots that connect within the sweet spot of the racquet face. The entire racquet face spans 107 in2, giving players ample room to field shots and blast serves.

Also lending power to every swing is the lightweight construction of the racquet’s frame. Students will be able to handle the 220 g of this racquet deftly and swiftly, meaning a more powerful approach to hits that channels into great velocity for the ball as it’s sent back to an opponent. In addition, frame rigidity means less power is dissipated upon contact and instead, is transferred into the shot.

Balanced Swing Control

Power isn’t the only trick of these Wilson® racquetball racquets—they also offer superior control for players! Because the aluminum alloy construction is so lightweight, handling is made easier, which means more control for students during all aspects of play. The rigid frame also means less reverberation as shots connect, allowing players to aim better and truer as they send shots back. This is even further complemented by a synthetic grip, which prevents slipping or sliding that might result in mishits or incidental contact.


  • Aluminum-Alloy Frame
  • Oversized Head
  • I-Beam Construction
  • Synthetic Grip
  • Nylon Filament Strings
  • 22”L, 7.7 oz/220 g