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Gopher Biggie!™ Soccer Balls

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Soft and lightweight large soccer balls in two sizes provide all fun and no fear!

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The largest soccer ball we carry comes in Biggie!™ (16” dia) and Biggie!™ Jr. (13” dia) options, the larger of which is twice the size of a regulation ball and increases kicking and receiving success for beginners and younger students. Both have a composite foam-backed cover that is 20% lighter for friendly play all day!

Fun, Lively Play!

Liven up dull soccer drills and activities for younger students with these larger sizes! The increased ball size not only adds some excitement to the game, but can help younger players increase their confidence because of a lighter ball and larger target. A foam-backed cover provides a softer feel, which is what makes this a truly friendly option for younger players. A latex bladder enables livelier play thanks to its lightweight construction. This is a great option for large-scale games in which multiple balls are used at once.

Lightweight Yet Durable

The lightweight, composite cover combined with the lighter latex bladder makes the ball 20% lighter than traditional soccer balls despite the larger size. Although it may be light, its holds up to routine use and is as durable as PVC or other soccer covers. Due to its soft white cover, indoor use is recommended.

Color and Size Options

In addition to the large Biggie!™ ball, the Biggie!™ Jr. (13” dia) gives younger students a larger ball for a little bit better control. The Rainbow® colors allow for easier class organization for drills and activities.

Gopher Biggie!™ Soccer Ball Options

Gopher Biggie!™ Soccer Balls are available in a Rainbow® Set of 6 or Individually in 2 sizes.

  • Sizes
    • Biggie!™ (16" dia)
    • Biggie!™ Jr. (13" dia)
  • Colors
    • Rainbow® Set
    • Individual Black/White
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