Bison® No-Tip Soccer Goals

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The only goal we offer with a built-in ballast for enhanced stability!

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No need for ground anchors, ballast bags, or other safety devices to keep this goal upright and secure. Simply fill the No-Tip drums with sand, and be assured the goal is safe and sturdy. The frame is constructed with aluminum, providing a lightweight, yet durable option. It features a thick, white powder-coat finish for long-lasting outdoor use. An extra deep goal depth gives goalies more room inside the net. Its QwikTrack net attachment system makes setup fast and easy. Meets NCAA, NFHS, FIFA, and ASTM specifications.

Choose from 3 sizes, Competition is 24'W x 8'H x 4'H x 10'D, Club Plus is 21'W x 7'H x 4'H x 7'D, and Club is 18½'W x 6½'H x 4'H x 6½'D. Goals come in pairs or in packs with 2 ea goal w/ net, QwikTrack net attachment system, and net storage bag.