Bison® Soccer Goal Nets

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Heavy-duty soccer nets stand up to the elements!

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Nets are made with a high-tenacity polypropylene (HTPP) multifilament knotless 4" square netting that is extremely strong and will last through years of routine use. This white, non-abrasive net has heavy rope edges, making it easy to attach to the goal for quick game play. Includes a mesh carry bag to easily transport it or keep it protected when not in use. Net diameter is 4 mm. These nets are made for Bison® soccer goals but can be used with other goals with comparable top and bottom depth. Choose from 4 sizes: 24'W x 8'H x 4'D (top) x 6'D (bottom), 21'W x 7'H x 4'D (top) x 7'D (bottom), 18'6"W x 6'6"H x 4'D (top) x 6'6"D (bottom), 9'W x 4'6"H x 2'D (top) x 4'6"D (bottom).