Gopher Comp 1000™ Soccer Balls

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Cushioned panels and quality construction make this high school soccer game ball a great value!

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This hand-sewn 32-panel game ball is softer than ever thanks to a polyurethane cover with multilayer EVA-foam backing.

Quality Design

The ball’s polyurethane cover provides durability, water resistance, and when paired with the multilayer EVA foam backing, superior shape retention and a loftier flight path. All of this means improved accuracy and better fielding for those tracking and reacting to in-flight balls.

Hand-sewn seams improve durability and are guaranteed to be tighter and stronger, providing more explosive rebounds. Bounces are better calculated and manufactured based on player reactions, allowing seasoned athletes to excel even more as they hone their talents.

A butyl bladder ensures long-lasting air retention, which makes kicking, fielding, and handling balls consistent over time, even in rugged play. Butyl bladders offer consistent PSI over extended play times, which means balls are good to go as soon as they hit the field.

Official Play

Complete with an NFHS Authenticating Mark, this ball is regulation weight and an official Size 5 option, making it ideal for true match play. Perfect for middle and high school students with intermediate or proficient knowledge of ball handling, this ball is the real deal!

Easy Organization

The Rainbow® colors give teachers an easy way of splitting classes up into different activities and drills based on the colors of the ball.

Gopher Comp 1000™ Soccer Ball Options

Gopher Comp 1000™ Soccer Balls are available in a Rainbow® Set or Individually.

  • Rainbow® Set
  • Individual Black/White
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