FreeStylin'™ and Guatemalan Footbags

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Durable footbags bring fun and skill development for all.

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Designed for use in footbag games, which develop coordination and body-control skills.

Football Games

These 2” dia round bags are made specifically for footbag games and activities. The most popular is footbag circle kicking, more commonly known as hacky sack.

In circle kicking, 2 or more players control the footbag (sack) and try to keep it up off the ground, and moving from player to player. Foot tricks and movements vary from player to player, and rules for circle kicking vary from group to group and region; they can be very formal or informal, making it a very inclusive activity.

Footbag Net is a court game, played as Singles or Doubles over a 5’H net and blends components of tennis, badminton, and volleyball. Court dimensions mirror badminton and players and teams volley, scoring only when they serve.

Other footbag games include Footbag Golf, Number Catch, Knockout, Footbag Freestyle, and much more. The control, coordination, spatial awareness, tracking, and creativity involved in advancing and manipulating footbags enhancing skills used in other sports and activities.

Fun for All, Fun Anywhere

All ages and skill levels benefit from the challenge and fun of footbag games. Play can be as easy going or as competitive as you decide. The small size and fabric covers are inviting and make students want to pick them up and play with them.

Play most footbag games, or practice footbag tricks and techniques, pretty much anywhere! All it takes is a single piece of equipment and a little space.

Use footbags for activities other than footbag games: tossing and catching, juggling, sliding across smooth surfaces, and more.

Organize activities and groups by color with the Rainbow® FreeStylin’ bags.

Two Styles

Both our FreeStylin’™ and Guatemalan bags are filled with small plastic pellets and are easy to break in.

FreeStylin’™ bags are made of synthetic suede with a mini soccer ball look. Guatemalan bags have colorful crocheted covers and offer a more traditional look. Designs/colors vary on Guatemalan bags.

FreeStylin’™ and Guatemalan Footbag Options 

FreeStylin’™ and Guatemalan Footbags are available in 2 styles and color options.

FreeStylin’™ Footbags

  • Rainbow® Set of 6
  • Individual Black/White


  • Individual (Color/Pattern Varies)
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